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The Michael Brooks Show

Oct 11, 2017

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This week’s show:

We have found audio of Obama challenging John Kerry to an IQ test in a 2014 cabinet meeting. 

We break down Milo’s exposed emails and the relationship between him, the Mercer family, Breitbart, and alt-right trolls. 

Author of “Why Buddhism is True” Robert Wright (@robertwrighter) calls in to talk about Buddhism and how we can bring cognitive empathy and mindfulness to politics.   

Woke Susan Collins welcomes Bob Corker to the Resistance.   

Trevor Beaulieu (@Rickyrawls), host of Champagne Sharks (@champagnesharks), joins us in studio and talks about what is often missed in typical conversations about identity, race, and class. 

Read Trevor's piece in The Intercept on the Kaepernick protest.