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The Michael Brooks Show

Dec 6, 2017

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Michael explains how there are no sidelines in the culture wars and how MSNBC ruined themselves by taking orders from Mike Cernovich.  

Shoutout to Cooperation Jackson (@CooperationJXN) a group in Mississippi that is working to empower the people of Jackson, Mississippi through alternative ways of economic organizing.

Matt Bruenig (@mattbruenig) founder of the People’s Policy Project  (@PplPolicyProj) calls in to talk about the importance of having a think tank that looks out for the interests of the people rather than just wealthy donors. Bruenig also breaks down the monstrous GOP tax bill and his recent piece in the New York Times “A Simple For Our Massive Inequality Problem

Matt Binder (@mattbinder) joins us for a special edition of the pyramid.

Crew Big Wos (@BigWos) host of  Wos Speaks (@wosspeaks) tells us about the ridiculousness of MSNBC’s Sam Seder decision, his thoughts on Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It,” and the pressure for black artists.