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The Michael Brooks Show

Sep 2, 2018

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Djene Rhys Bajalan (@djenebajalan), Assistant Professor of Middle East History at Missouri State joins us to discuss the ongoing crisis between the US and Turkey. Mike Pence's call for release of Pastor Andrew Brunson. Turkey refusal. US then raised Tariffs; Aluminum will now be 20% and Steel 50%.

Who is Andrew Brunson? 

  • North Carolina – Evangelical Presbyterian
  • Arrested after the 2016 Coup 
  • Accused Supporting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Fetullah Gulen Movement
  • 35 years in prison
  • The US government wants him released/ Turkey wants to exchange him Fetullah Gulen. 

Is there any validity the claims against Brunson? 

  • Nope. But everyone hates missionaries.
  • Zirve Matalya 2007 Murders 3 employees – Turkish converts and a German.

So why did this issue become a crisis?

  • Turkey has not made a case to the US for deporting Fetullah Gulen – PENN – Extradition process. 
  • Turkey has been playing the same card – judicial process. Everyone knows. Erdogan wants – the guy is released.
  • Ebru Ozkan – Realsed accused of planning to fund Hamas – Israel – However, Turkey did not respond.
  • Trump seems to have got played. So is reacting. Moreover, this is an issue out here in the Mid-West. Trumps Jihadi base

Michael provides some context about the 2016 Coup d’etat, the purge, and Erdogan’s authoritarian turn.