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The Michael Brooks Show

Sep 27, 2017

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This week’s show:
Bernie connects left politics to a global perspective and speaks truth about US imperialism.

News From Nowhere ( host and writer Corey Pein (@coreypein) joins us to talk us through the gains of the far-right AFD in Germany, the media’s obsession with covering the right’s social media metrics, and Narendra Modi’s worrying authoritarianism.

Maoist Bernie Sanders dreams about Cassidy and Graham’s experience in the gulag and reveals what he really thinks about accommodationist Klobuchar.

Matt Christman of Chapo Trap House (@cushbomb) is live in studio talking about mangria, failed comedian Steve Crowder, and why conservatives are not funny.


In the postgame, we discuss China, strategies to fight right-rhetoric, the most woke sports league and take your calls and IMS!