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The Michael Brooks Show

Jun 28, 2022

TMBS 55 aired on September 4th, 2018. Episode summary: Dying does not absolve you from spending your life advocating for empire and capital, and the Center needs to stop confusing style for substance. Shoutout to the DSA for reaching 50,000 members. Michael gives us an update on the situation in Brazil. Journalist Ken Klippenstein (@KenKlippenstein) joins us to talk about #ressistance grift and an exclusive on Saudi Arabia. We exile Malcolm Gladwell for his bad history and cheap thoughts. Matt Lech breaks down his new segment "Lech Regulates" on the fly. Griscom talks about lackluster wage growth, the misery that is the engine of capitalism cannot be a part of our socialist project. TMBS ReAirs come out every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts and on The Michael Brooks Show Channel YouTube channel. This program has been put together by The Michael Brooks Legacy Project. To learn more and rewatch the postgame content visit Re-air