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The Michael Brooks Show

Jan 25, 2022

TMBS episode 33 first aired on March 27th, 2018, here is the episode summary: Yanis Varoufakis starts a new party, and why Syriza failed in Greece. Capital's challenge to radical governance. Shoutout to Keith Ellison for his maximum wage proposals. Anoa Changa (@TheWayWithAnoa) joins us to talk about necessary intersectionality in The March for Our Lives, in the context of the last half-century of radical politics since 1968. Minority communities and guns, and why Killer Mike got in trouble for an NRA interview. Check out Anoa's new Georgia-focused project: Then, we throw Rick Santorum, father of Right Wing Mandela, into the pyramid for recommending CPR lessons to school shooting victims. Alyona Minkovski (@AlyonaMink) joins us to discuss our nightmare where John Fucking Bolton is galloping through the halls of power. Also, Alyona completely demystifies Putin's motivations for us. TMBS ReAirs come out every Tuesday,  here on your podcast app and on The Michael Brooks Show YouTube Channel. This program has been put together by The Michael Brooks Legacy Project. To learn more and rewatch the postgame content visit Re-air edit by