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The Michael Brooks Show

Nov 29, 2017

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Michael breaks down how the attack on net neutrality is part of a larger attempt to enclose the commons and the crucial similarity it has to the GOP tax plan. 

Shout Out to Café Sheroes a café in Agra, India run by survivors of acid attacks that is creating a support structure and positive community for women.

Al-Jazeera UN Correspondent Mike Hanna (@mjahanna) talks to us about the events in Zimbabwe and what the elevation of Emmerson Mnangagwa reveals about the country. Then he walks us through some of the lessons for South Africa from what has happened in Zimbabwe.

Maoist Bernie Sanders announces his growing gulag list for when he takes the presidency in 2020.

Jade Hoye (@jade_TBF) producer of The Basketball Friends, and host of Leverage the Chat calls in to talk to us about all of his favorite conspiracy theories, sneaker culture in the NBA, and the limitations in covering basketball in the age of social media.