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The Michael Brooks Show

Oct 19, 2022

TMBS 70 aired on December 20th, 2028. Episode summary:

Michael breaks down the situation in Rojava.

Wosny Lambre (@BigWos) host of Count The Dings joins us in studio to break down this stupid year.

Is Derrick Fisher a scumbag?

We try to figure out what the hell Candace Owens is saying.

The crew watches some vintage...

Oct 12, 2022

TMBS 69 aired on December 18th, 2018.
Episode summary: We talk about the migrant caravan and how it shows what human solidarity, hope, and a possibility for emancipatory politics.
Shoutout to the Climate Extinction Project, a group fighting for our future.
Current Affairs Editor Vanessa A Bee (@dolladollabillie) joins...