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The Michael Brooks Show

Jul 25, 2018

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We talk about Israel’s history of apartheid and how the recent law passed in Israel just enshrines its apartheid character. 

Shoutout to Tahirah Amatul-Wadud (@tahirahaw) a progressive candidate campaigning on Medicare for All, who is running for Massachusetts First Congressional District. Also, shoutout to Kaniela Ing (@KanielaIng) a DSA member who is running for Congress in Hawaii and challenging Mark Zuckerberg’s nonsense. 

Author of The Color Of Money, Mehrsa Baradaran (@MehrsaBaradaran) calls in to talk about how the American financial system became wealthy from American’s history of racism and slavery. 

For harping on the most tired talking points about socialism Megan McCain goes to the gulag. 

For this week’s Economic Update, David Griscom investigates the upcoming yield curve inversion and how the recent economic recovery has come at the expense of an indebted working class. 

Michael and the crew gives our thoughts on Russia, and the sanctions regime against Iran.