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The Michael Brooks Show

Aug 15, 2018

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Michael breaks down why the idea of the West is a myth and not a very good one. 

Then, we explain why we support Lula Livre and why you should too.

Our Shoutout goes to Rashida Tlaib, the Democratic Congressional Candidate looking to replace John Conyers in his Michigan district. From the start of her campaign she has promoted a progressive critique of the Democratic Party establishment. 

We throw a Queen's landlord in the Gulag. Sam Esposito of Ozone Park has been on a hunger strike to protest a homeless shelter being built in his neighborhood. 

And during Griscom economic minute we revisit footage of an altercation that happened in Queens bar and David talks about the growing pessimism of the investor class. 

Finally, Trevor Beaulieu (@rickyrawls) host of Champagne Sharks (@ChampagneSharks) is in studio to talk about the Ben Shapiro and AOC "debate" fiasco.

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