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The Michael Brooks Show

Feb 8, 2022

TMBS 35 aired on April 10th, 2018.

Episode summary: We talk about the deep state coup in Brazil with journalist and host of Aufhebunga Bunga podcast (@AufhebungaBunga) Alex Hochuli (@alex_1789). Shoutout to Cardi B for demonstrating more political knowledge than most political pundits. Michael talks with Douglas Lain (@douglain) about his new book Bash Bash Revolution. Sam Harris is thrown in the pyramid for hawking racist pseudo-science, hopefully for the last time. Djene Bajalan (@DjeneBajalan) joins us in studio to talk about the cynical ways the new atheists use critiques of Islam to justify attacks on people of Middle Eastern descent, the recent state violence in Gaza, and the smears of Jeremy Corbyn.

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