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The Michael Brooks Show

Apr 12, 2022

TMBS 44 aired on June 12, 2018. Episode summary:
Michael talks about the Singapore Summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un noting the important history of the Korean War and the possibility of peace.
Shoutout to Women Cross DMZ for their fearless leadership and work to bring peace to the Korean peninsula.
Journalist Mike Hanna (@mjahanna) joins us by phone to talk about North Korea and the confusion about denuclearization, Iran, and the ongoing crisis in Gaza.
David Griscom breaks down some important factors in the unemployment rates, the lack of productivity in the US, and why robots aren’t taking your job.
We throw a deserving counter-revolutionary, Luis Posada Carriles, into the gulag.
Cody Johnston (@DrMisterCody) host of Some More News calls in to talk about the cult of Elon Musk.
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