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The Michael Brooks Show

Nov 30, 2021

TMBS 26 - Socialism Is Way Cool, Chappelle, & S-Holes ft. Wosny Lambre & Trevor Beaulieu first aired on Jan 29, 2018.
Episode summary: Michael explains why socialism is for everyone.
Shoutout to Nathan Robinson (@NathanJRobinson) who gave a great speech at the University of Connecticut exposing the smug bigotry of the sophist Ben Shapiro.
Crew Big Wos (@BigWos) host of Wos Speaks (@WosSpeaks) calls in to talk walking in LA, the Dave Chappelle controversy, and the Grammys.
We throw another imperialist who hides their bigotry behind atheism into the pyramid.
Trevor Beaulieu (@RickyRawls) host of Champagne Sharks joins us in studio to talk Mia Love, Bernie Sanders, and identity politics.
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Re-air edit by Danny Celentano IG/Twitter @Body Politic Media