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The Michael Brooks Show

Dec 9, 2018

Members-only postgame for Nov 27, 2018 ft. Professor Richard Wolff. 
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During this postgame with Richard Wolff we talk Louis Althusser, the Marxist tradition, and Jordan Peterson. We also watch footage of an altercation between Wolff and Griscom....

Dec 5, 2018

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We discuss George HW Bush's legacy of decimation and murder.
Shoutout to Fred Hampton, we look at his vision and remind everyone of how they can help defend his home -

Nov 28, 2018

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We talk about the importance of the Irish struggle and the threat that Brexit poses to peace. 

Shoutout to Amazon workers for going on strike reminding the company, “we are...

Nov 25, 2018


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Filmmaker Anthony Lappé...

Nov 22, 2018


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Julian Brave NoiseCat (@JNoiseCat), a freelance writer and policy...