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The Michael Brooks Show

Feb 13, 2019

This the public edition of TMBS for February 12, 2019. To support the show and get hours of monthly premium content become a member at

Michael breaks down the connection between terror in Brazil and Bolosonaro's attack's on working people. 

Shoutout to the students for standing with the striking teachers in Denver. 

 Mark Blyth (@MkBlyth) professor of political economy at Brown University calls in to talk about the difference between your family and the United States government, how social democracy turned to neoliberalism, and the Green New Deal. 

During the GEM, Griscom breaks down the story the unemployment numbers aren't telling you. 

In the global update, we talk about the naked relationship between oil and arms deals and its human cost in Yemen. 

Kamala Harris is not chill on weed.