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The Michael Brooks Show

TMBS ReAir 57: Against Spartan Socialism & Prep School Villainy ft. Alyona Minkovski

Jul 12, 2022

TMBS 57 aired on September 18th, 2018. Episode summary:
Socialists can wear nice things and drink good wine, what matters is fighting against capitalist oppression.
Shoutout to McDonald's workers for their strike protesting sexual assault in the workplace.
Lech regulates theories on Kavanaugh's drinking and puts some ND goober in their place.
Griscom updates us on the rising compensation on Wall Street despite the fall in tangible net worth of S&P 500.
We bring back a classic and return Clinton to the gulag.
We are joined in studio by Alyona Minkovski (@AlyonaMink) to talk about why prep school is bad and the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations.

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